Work from my internship at fireball.

Galerie Mikael Andersen

Video animation for Galerie Mikael Andersen's instagram account.
Tools: Adobe After Effetcs.

Scandinavian Tobacco Group

New design for Mercator Primera Selección box of cigarillos.

We have been asked to create new designs for an evolutionary update of the Mercator Primera Selección packs.
The objective is to move Mercator Primera Seleccion more to the Authentic smoke platform by making small adaptations to the pack - no revolution - respecting the strong equity* and improve on making it more authentic and less old-fashioned.


The history behind the brand and the product.

The famous Belgian …who shaped our view of the world.
Geradus Mercator (1512-1594) is the father of modern cartography. He invented the way we – still today – depict our three-dimensional world on two-dimensional maps. His revolutionary implementation of latitude and longitude allowed sailors to navigate the world, and his famous 1569 map gave the common man his first picture of the continents. An overview of the world that could fit on the back of a box of cigar.
The famous Belgian cigar
Mercator has made cigars since 1886. In the 1960’s we created the first small quality cigar, affordable to the common man. An offer that since has made us the most famous Belgian cigar.


Current pack design


My suggestions for the new design



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